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One cartridge lasts approximately 2 months for one cat, 1 month for two cats and 20 days for three cats.

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So many people are discussing the new self cleaning litter box and I know you. and cartridges writes: Jorge Lopez had always wanted an automatic cat litter box, and finally found one called the CatGenie, a fully automated self-washing litter.20-count K-cup for Keurig Brewers Coffee Variety Pack Featuring Authentic Donut Shop, Green Mountain, Coffee People, Emeril's, Java Factory, Caza T.

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Cartridge into your CatGenie 120 once. easy-to-empty drawer.

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Just recharge and leave them empty. How to refill a CatGenie Smart Cartridge: How to reset a Cat Genie Smart Cartridge with the Reset Genie.Cat Genie 120 Refill Cartridge - endless supply Jason Toews. Loading. Cleaning the CatGenie 120 - Duration: 6:03.

CatGenie Maintenance cartridge. If you have more than one cat you will need to empty the.CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives.

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CatGenie SaniSolution 120 Cartridge - Thumbnail. provides 240 washes (and 1 Cartridge is smaller and uses less plastic than the lid of 1 plastic litter jug).