Man calls 911 cat ate bacon

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People talk about chicken pesto panini, turkey bacon and good homemade soups.

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A man in West Yorkshire, UK called 999 -- the British version of 911 -- with what he believed was a serious crime: His cat ate his bacon.

Super Troopers is a 2001 comedy film about bored highway patrol officers in a.

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A North Carolina reptile enthusiast calls 911 as he drives himself to the hospital after being bit by his pet king cobra snake.

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Florida man arrested for calling 911 after his cat was denied.

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Cat meat is meat prepared from domestic cats for human consumption. there is a special ceremony featuring cat-eating that is thought to bring good luck.

A man dialed the emergency number for the West Yorkshire Police to report that his girlfriend had let the cat eat his bacon and that he wanted to press.Click to verify!.

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They might seem fake but these are 20 hilarious and real phone calls to 911.

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There is no way someone would call the police just because a pet ate their food,.

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Have fun with this collection of Funny Cat Jokes. What do you call a cat that has just eaten a whole duck.

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How to Stop Overeating. Yet eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are comfortable is one of the keys to healthy eating and living, says Linda Bacon,.His friend ran to a nearby home on higher ground and called 911.

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The West Yorkshire Police department recently released the audio of.Fox News official website with news, politics, entertainment, tech, science, health, travel, lifestyle, and sports.When this guy started dating a woman with a special needs cat,.